• Penneco on using colors in out of home design.

    This week’s Billboard design tips come from Penneco Outdoor’s blog.  They’ve written a brilliant article on choosing the best color for your billboard.  Insider thanks Penneco for permission to publish.

    Want to design an outdoor ad that really stands out? Using the right colors for your billboard can make a big difference between standing out from the crowd and fading into the background. In fact, studies from the National Institute of Health have found that colors impact how well we remember information!

    So how do you know which colors are going get your business the attention it deserves? Read on for some tips from the design pros at Penneco Outdoor Advertising.

    Tips for Choosing the Best Colors for Your Billboard

    Select Only a Few Colors

    Be selective when choosing how many colors you use on your outdoor ad. Incorporating too many colors on your billboard will confuse viewers and weaken the overall effectiveness of your message. For the best results, try not to use more than 3 colors.

    how many colors for a billboard

    Choose Bold, Bright Colors

    With travelers whizzing past a billboard at 55 mph and from 600 feet away, subtle colors just aren’t going to work. Opt for fully saturated, vivid colors that stand out against the background. In general, stay away from pastel and neutral colors since these tend to blend in with the scenery.

    choosing the best colors for your billboard


    Choose High Contrast Colors

    Use colors that contrast with each other and do not have similar in hue or frequency, otherwise, your message will be difficult for viewers to read. The color combinations below are great choices when designing a billboard with a highly visible and memorable message.

    use high contrast colors for your billboard

    In Sum

    Color plays a big part in designing an effective outdoor advertisement. Use the wrong colors for your billboard and drivers will zoom past your ad with barely a glance. Instead, use our color selection tips and your outdoor ad will stick in travelers’ minds long after they pass it!

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