• Peabody says no, West Hollywood yes.

    Two cities taking different approaches to billboards.

    Salemnews.com reports that the Peabody, Massachusetts town council is considering bills to ban any new billboards and to remove loopholes which allow billboard companies to ad screens or alter existing boards.  A council committee will consider the bills on April 27.

    la.curbed says that West Hollywood’s city staffers are concerned the Sunset Strip “is losing its edge as a creative mecca.”  They want to permit 18 new billboard faces on the Sunset Strip over the next 15 years and an 20 new digital billboards.  Insider has attached two tables taken from the Sunset Strip Off-site Signage Policy prepared by the planning firm Dudek for the City of West Hollywood Community Development Department. showing how billboards and digital signs would increase under the plan.

    The first table shows that the number of permitted billboard faces would increase from 89 today to 114 by 2032.

    The second table shows that the number of permitted digital signs would increase from 4 today to 24 by 2032.


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