• Outfront plans Fenton, MI digital billboard

    Outfront Media Billboards on US 23 at Exit 84

    TCTimes reports that Outfront Media is seeking to convert a billboard in Fenton Township, Michigan to digital.  The board is located on US 23 at Thompson Road.  This would be the only one of Outfront’s six billboards in Fenton Township which can be converted to digital.  The other boards are non-conforming and cannot be rebuilt to hold a digital sign or they are too close to the proposed digital billboard(Michigan requires a 1,750 foot separation between digital billboards).  The matter will go to the town’s planning commission for consideration.

    Insider’s take: Michigan’s 1,750 foot separation between digital boards means you want to be first to market with a digital because you can be assured you won’t have competition nearby.

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