Outfront and Clear Channel Outperform market over last quarter.

Outfront and Clear Channel have outperformed the stock market during the past quarter while Lamar has lagged.  Outfront was up 9% versus 5% for the S&P 500 due to a bump associated with winning the MTA renewal.  Clear Channel Outdoor was up 7% over the past three months although the stock has been volatile.  Insider expects the volatility to continue until there’s a resolution of financial issues.  Lamar was off 6% for the most recent quarter.

US Out of Home Stocks Versus S&P 500 for three months ended October 7, 2017

Look at returns for the past five years, however, and you’ll see a different story. Lamar (up 45%)  has grown in line with then Standard and Poors 500 (up 50%) while Outfront (down 18%) and Clear Channel Outdoor (down 47%) have been lagging.

US Out of Home Stocks Versus S&P 500 for five years ended October 7, 2017

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