• Out of Home Website Ranking Methodology

    Insider used the following methodology to rank websites during 2017.  A site which was not online or down for construction received a rating of 0.

    Ranking Metholodology.

    We awarded 1 point for each of the following website items.  20 points was a perfect score.

    1. Contact names are shown on the website.  Much better than asking a client to call a number without knowing who to ask for or email info@
    2. Staff pictures are shown on the website.
    3. A company address is shown on the website
    4. An email is shown on the website.
    5. A phone number is shown on the website.
    6. Ride sheets for each sign can be found on the website.
    7. Sign pictures are on the website, tied to a specific ride sheet.  Clients need to know what signs look like as specific locations.
    8. A sign map is shown on the website with flags which link to individual ride sheets and sign info.
    9. Sign video is shown on a website.  Ideally sign drive bys.
    10. The site is easy to read.  Font is large enough to read.  The site has dark print on a light background.  Not vice versa.
    11. Fewer than 8 menu tabs on the home page.
    12. A button link to the company’s facebook page.  It makes no sense to have a facebook page and not to make it easy for someone to find it when they are on the website.
    13. A button link to the company’s Linked in page.
    14. A button link to the company’s Twitter page.
    15. A button link to the company’s Vimeo or Youtube page.
    16. A “Why Outdoor” page which describes the benefits of outdoor advertising.
    17. An Outdoor Design page which gives tips on effective outdoor ad design.
    18. All of the sites links work.
    19. The site is mobile optimized.
    20. The site is google indexed and appears on the front page of google search results.

    You can provide feedback on the ranking system by using the following form:



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