• Out of Home News Roundup


    The Day reports that  Stonington Connecticut Zoning Board of Appeals has denied a variance allow a landowner to tear down three billboards in Route 1 and replace them with a smaller digital billboard.  A short-sighted decision by the town.  They would have replaced 900 square feet of signage with a 180 square foot digital billboard which could have been used for public safety announcements in addition to providing ad space for local businesses.

    Kym Frank was the subject of a profile in New York Business journal.  She says that competition is tough for startups and the city is unforgiving but this pushes them towards success.

    wbur-Boston ran a 5 minute feature a couple weeks ago about Colossal Media  and Overall Murals and the comeback of hand-painted billboards.     Did you know that Colossal paints 250 walls a year?  The feature has a few errors.  The WBUR reporter says that billboards “have waned in the modern world.”  Doesn’t square with growing out of home  industry revenues.


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