• Formetco’s Poage on OSHA Fall Safety Rules

    OSHA’s 1,200 page fall safety rule revision took effect January 17, 2017.  We’ve posted a detailed OAAA analysis of the rule.  Here’s Formetco’s Director of Safety Jim Poage summarizing the key aspects of the rule.

    What does the new rule say

    The new ruling says that any time that you’re climbing a fixed ladder that is 24 feet above grade or above a lower level that you could fall to and hit you have to have some type of fall protection on the ladder.  It can be a cage, a well, a vertical safety system or it can be a personal safety system to keep people from falling off ladders and being hurt.

    What are the timeframes

    By November 19, 2018 you’re required to insure that fixed ladders have one of those four types of fall protection.  If they don’t you have to have one of those four installed.  After that you have to be converting all cages and wells to some type of personal rescue system or vertical cable system that you can use for rescue if you were to fall.

    Here’s a three minute video in which Poage talks about the new OSHA safety rule.

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