• One Poem At A Time

    Smoketown, the oldest African-American neighborhood in Louisville, KY is a unique place rich in heritage and culture. It is an eclectic mix of individuals all coming together to embody the word community. In Smoketown, you don’t just find people, you find a community connected to their history.

    Insider Louisville reported yesterday about Hannah Drake and her desire to energize her neighborhood when she began to notice the negative advertisements and signs around  Smoketown.

    Through her efforts was created One Poem At A Time which is an initiative of Project Heal (Health. Equity. Art. Learning), and designed by Hannah  who is the Cultural Producer and Strategist at IDEAS xLab. Working with community members, the Smoketown Neighborhood Association and community stakeholders, One Poem At A Time replaces negative/predatory advertising and billboards within the community with positive images and messages depicting Smoketown residents and lifting up their voices.

    The launch of One Poem At A Time, which is free and open to community members on April 1, 2017 includes a guided Smoketown Poetry Walk past many of the new billboards, The Smoketown Monologues, and a conversation focused on bringing together residents, community stakeholders and policy-makers to explore policy and ordinance changes that could restrict negative/predatory advertising in low-income communities like Smoketown.

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