• NY Judge Sides With Billboard Company On $600K in Fines

    The New York Post reports on OTR Media, a New York based Outdoor Advertising company, winning in court on a long standing dispute.

    From 2008 through 2014, OTR accumulated more than 200 violations from the city’s Building Department and owed in excess of $600,000 in civil penalties. In September 2016 an administrative judge ruled against the Company and revoked their registration.   Rather than being forced to take down their signs, OTR went into Brooklyn Supreme Court and received a stay while they contested the judges ruling.

    This week the Brooklyn Supreme Court ruled that the city’s revocation of the license of an outdoor billboard company for unpaid fines and the revocation of their license was too harsh and is asking city officials to come up with a reduced punishment.

    Ari Noe is OTR Media’s CEO.

    The company released a statement which you can read here.

    Insider’s take:  New York City cracked down hard on small out of home companies several years ago, aggressively issuing citations and threatening high fines.  Similar to what Detroit did when it chased small businesses for not having business licenses when it was having financial difficulties.  Looks like New York City overreached in this case.



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