• New South’s Tiger Tail Billboard

    Neil Bell of New South Outdoor has found a creative way to harness loyalty for the Auburn Tigers: a tiger tail billboard.  Bell operates the board on College Street in Auburn, Alabama, the home of the Auburn University Tigers.  Melody Roberts of Out of Home Creative assisted with the Tiger Tail’s design.  Insider asked Bell about the billboard.  Insider thinks more billboard companies should consider altering their billboards to show loyalty for their hometown team.

    Neil, what gave you the idea for tiger tail billboards?

    Well, the sign had to be vertical due to the fact that there were trees on the neighboring property – so that is how the idea started. It is on College Street in Auburn, AL which is the main artery into downtown Auburn and the university.  It isn’t that  small of a sign (28’x14′), but I wanted something that would be a noticeable landmark and would be unique to the city and university.  

    What’s the tail made of?

    It is sheet metal from a local metal shop. We installed commercial grade LED light strips and then wrapped it with backlit vinyl. It looks great at night because all you see is the tail and the LED screens. 

    What’s been the response?

    It has been great. We didn’t get it up until the middle of football season last year so we missed out on some fall buys, but it remains 85% occupied.   It has stayed around that level but we expect it to be fully occupied each fall. Honestly, we have at least two advertisers that have told us that they are only on the sign because it stands out and is something different in the market. 

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    1. Love the tiger tail. War Eagle!