• New South Uses Blip for Digital out of home sales

    Montgomery, AL (8/23/17) – New South Outdoor, LLC (New South) today announced a partnership with Blip, a pay-per-flip digital out of home (DOOH) advertising platform, to eliminate the cost and contract barriers that have historically prohibited smaller organizations from utilizing billboards.

    Blip’s online marketplace will now enable advertisers who aren’t using the medium because of budget constraints or lack of targeting options to purchase eight-second increments of advertising space by time, location, frequency, and other factors. This easy to use marketplace gives customers the freedom of choosing their price— New South customers are not locked into a commitment, allowing for any buyer of any budget size to utilize the DOOH medium in the markets and in the moments that matter to them.

    New South CEO Neil Bell

    Neil Bell, managing member of New South says, “This partnership will also allow New South to reach new advertisers, create efficiencies and decrease unsold inventory. Blip’s marketplace framework aims to establish a vibrant marketplace that appeals to all advertisers by creating the largest possible network of signs. By working with Blip, New South is helping achieve that ideal in the central Alabama area.”

    Brent Thomson, Founder of Blip added: “We firmly believe every business owner should be able to drive their business forward by purchasing digital outdoor advertising space in a way that works for their budget. We’re putting customers in total control of their advertising strategy.”

    About New South

    New South Outdoor is an Alabama based billboard company that serves the Auburn, Opelika and Montgomery markets. New South primarily offers digital billboards giving advertisers flexibility and timeliness in their advertising message.

    For more information on New South Outdoor, visit newsouthoutdoor.com or contact us at info@newsouthoutdoor.com.

    About Blip

    Founded in 2016, Blip is a marketplace where advertisers can buy digital billboard advertising space in eight second increments, or blips. There is no term commitment and any budget is fair game, making Blip the easiest way for advertisers to create highly-targeted digital out of home campaigns and for DOOH media companies to fill unused digital billboard space. To learn more about Blip, visit www.BlipBillboards.com

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