• Neil Bell on Live Sports Score Streaming

    Neil Bell of New South Outdoor talked with Insider recently about the benefits of live sports score streaming on digital billboards.

    How do you incorporate live streaming of scores into your digital billboards?
    Currently, we are using RippleFeed to update any dynamic content that we have running on our boards. There are feeds available out there, but the amount they often charged to use the feeds didn’t seem justified, so we update a couple games ourselves each week. We are watching them anyway so it is no problem to update as each team scores. We can do it from a smart phone.
    Are the live scores sponsored by advertisers or do you use free avails?
    These are options that we offer advertisers to run on Saturdays within their campaign. This idea has definately helped close a couple of deals. I have even done it in other smaller markets for high school football games as well.  
    What scores are you putting on your digital signs?  
    Being in Alabama, we have mostly had requests for the the scores for the state’s best football team – Auburn – but there have been one or two that have wanted to post Bama’s scores as well. 

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    1. This is powerful. Will definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing Neil.