• LookOut2017 in 5 quotes

    Insider can summarize this week’s LookOut2017 convention in 5 quotes:

    OAAA CEO Nancy Fletcher on the successful defense against the Scenic America digital billboards lawsuit:  “To date, OAAA has spent countless hours and $1.3 million in legal fees defending digital billboards, and we’re going to see this through to the very end.”  Insider can’t think of a better reason why you should join OAAA.  OAAA leads the fights which are critical to the future of the out of home business.

    Geopath President Kym Frank: “And as much as many of us think stories about mobile billboards and street furniture are interesting, advertisers want to hear stories about people, their potential customers.”   Advertisers aren’t interested in your faces.  They aren’t interested in your plant.  They want to know how your plant will help them reach customers.

    David Beebe, Beebe Content and Co: “Marketing is like a first date.  If all you do is talk about yourself there won’t be a second one.” Great advice for sales. Great advice for marketing.  Great advice for ad design.

    Don Avjean, Outfront Media: “Municipalities are starting to like us because they realize that digital works for them.”  Digital billboard generate funds for public budgets when they are on municipal land.  Digital billboards allow for public service advertising and public safety advertising.  Digital billboards help the local community.

    John Barrett, Barrett Outdoor: “I’m making more money on cellular rent at some of my signs than I make from billboard advertising.”  Don’t overlook possibilities of turning your billboards into a cell tower.

    Left to right (Andrea Messimer-Henley – Wilkins Media, Insider, Brent Baer – Buntin Out of Home)


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