• The Problem With Eco-Vinyl

    Insider recently bought some billboards in Indianapolis.  They used lightweight eco-vinyl.  Yesterday there was a big windstorm and look what happened.  One vinyl ripped and fell off.  The other vinyls are wrinkled.

    Insider is going to stick with 7 oz regular vinyl in the future.   Insider asked some operators what they think of eco-vinyl.

    Chris Cowlbeck, Look Outdoor: ” I don’t care for it.  When it blows, it rips and blows off.  In Oklahoma we get winds up to 20 miles an hour.”

    Gary Barbosa, Champion Outdoor:  “I get high winds in Florida so only use 7 oz vinyl.  I also have a clause in my contract which says that clients have to pay to replace vinyl which has been wind damaged.”

    Brad Sourbeer, Parker Outdoor: “I hate it.  It’s like paper.  The ad agencies want to use it.  The money you save up front you spend twice over on buying and installing replacements and credits for down time.”

    Patti Reeves, Boardworks/Reeves Media: “It’s cheaper and thinner.  They rip more frequently and pockets don’t always hold up.  But they are cheaper for today’s short term contract life.  And are lighter in weight also.”

    What’s been your experience with eco-vinyl?  Is it a good idea or a bad idea?  Let Insider know using the form below.





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