• If you could put a message on a billboard what would you say?

    AdQuick is running a clever billboard campaign to call attention to its automated technology for booking out of home advertising.  Insider talked with Adquick founder Matt O’Conner about the campaign.

    What gave you the idea for the campaign?

    Tim Ferriss has a popular podcast with over 100M downloads during which he asks most guests, (paraphrasing), “If you could put a message on a billboard, what would you say?” Many of the high-profile guests have profound or funny quotes they’d want to put somewhere on a billboard (see a list in this google chrome extension). Because AdQuick makes it easy for anyone to book a billboard anywhere in the US, we thought, “Why not bring these quotes to life in the real world?”

    What billboard did you place the ads on?

    We went to Supreme Digital Displays who have some amazing locations in Times Square. They’re awesome to work with and their boards are spectacular. We rotated the dozen or so quotes between their multiple digital faces.

    What’s been the response?

    We’ve seen a great social media response, particularly from the followers of some of the Tim Ferriss guests and have some big plans for the future with this (stay tuned!)

    What’s new at Adquick?

    AdQuick continued to focus on building technology to allow media owners to operate their plants in more modern, efficient ways. We’ve added features like embeddable, interactive maps, digital invoice creation and signing, fast and dynamic RFP technology, lead generation for local businesses and capturing drone footage for our vendor partners — all for no cost!

    The latest feedback from an account exec at a big media company was “If I had AdQuick, it would save me at least 50% of my time and decrease my response time to clients.” Interested vendors can get in touch with us at matt@adquick.com to learn more and see how easy it is.

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