• Installing a 14 by 46 wrap digital in the winter

    What’s it like installing two 14 by 46 radius digital signs in the middle of winter?  Insider talked with Glenn McGann of billboard fabricator Selective Structures to find out.

    Glenn, what was the project?

    This project was two 14 by 46 digital screens on each end of the Louisville Convention Center downtown Louisville Ky.  This was not our first “radius” digital project at Selective Structures but it was the largest!

    Insider hears weather was a challenge.

    It took us 21 days to install steel and digital cabinets.  We started January 3 and had to deal with the winter weather in Louisville.   On 15 of the 21 install days the temperature was below freezing, and a couple of days the wind chill was in negative numbers.  We were 2 blocks from the Ohio river so the wind was always howling!

    What was the installation like?

    There were several challenges  to this project.  One challenge was keeping the correct “radius” around the brick wall with the steel  The cabinets were already built so there was no changing the angles on the boxes.   The brick wall tapered from bottom to top.  Finally, the  work space was a huge challenge.  The city required us to build a walk through scaffold so pedestrians could walk through our areas and we basically had 15′ we could set up a crane, we rented a “Spyder” crane that would set up in a 15’x15′ area that had 40′ of boom and could handle all the weights we needed.
    Whose digital billboards?
    It was a project for Outfront Media.  They have their own LED vendor.

    Finished installation before billboard is turned on.

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