• Gerry Graf on taking over a city with out of home

    “My old boss, Lee Clow, would love to talk about “owning a city”.  He would always launch a new campaign with OOH.  He’d buy up all the key OOH locations and have the whole town talking about his campaign.  Apple continued that tradition this year with the fantastic Apple TV and iPhone 6 work.  I actually saw someone taking  picture with their iPhone of an iPhone ad that was about pictures of things people shot with their iPhones.  Brilliant!”

    Gerry Graf, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Barton F. Graf 9000, quoted in Open3, a book published by the Outdoor Media Association of Australia, Out of Home Marketing Association of Canada, Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Outsmart UK and the Federation European Publicite Exterieur.

    OAAA has some copies available for free plus shipping.  Contact Nancy Fletcher (Nfletcher@oaaa.org) if you’re interested.

    You can read the entire Open3 book online at this link.

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