• FEMA Activates Digital billboards In Coastal Texas

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has begun activating donated digital billboards in coastal Texas as part of recovery from Hurricane Harvey.

    In the Corpus Christi market, six of nine digital billboards operated by Lamar Advertising Company were displaying the government’s toll-free number and web address (the other three structures were without power).

    This electronic display works, even though the sign was damaged by the hurricane

    “The majority of our structures are damaged one way or another, but we WILL get through it,” said Kevin Piland, Lamar’s general manager in Corpus Christi.

    Building on the pioneering use of digital billboards in Florida nearly a decade ago, emergency authorities nationwide have deployed digital billboards to communicate with the public.

    “Digital technology enables quick delivery of emergency messages via high-tech billboards. Public-private partnerships harness these high-tech signs to inform the public about weather warnings, evacuation routes, and safety-related Information,” says a case study posted on FEMA’s website.

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