• Everett MA Looking At Digital Conversions

    While Everett, MA has a 1991 sign ordinance in place preventing building of new billboards.  Existing boards can request a conversion or rebuild of a structure to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  With the advent of digital technology the city is considering what their response will be to an increasing number of digital conversion requests.

    The Everett Independent reports that the city’s first digital conversion was approved in 2015 and they now have two more requests to consider this week. A representative for Cove Outdoor, who has one of the proposed conversions, has stressed that these are not new boards but an update of existing boards.  The conversion to digital will benefit the city with the ability to have free public service announcements.

    Also being considered at the upcoming zoning meeting will be the tracking of conversions throughout the city as more requests are made.

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