• DOmedia Advertising Database Surpasses 1 Million Assets

    COLUMBUS, OhioOct. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — DOmedia, which operates the largest database of out-of-home advertising in the U.S., announced today that advertising agencies can now access over 1 million media assets through its platform.

    In 2017, nearly 25 percent of agency-driven U.S. out-of-home advertising spend is committed to be managed via the DOmedia Demand-Side Platform (DSP). The DOmedia DSP automates the process of planning and buying out-of-home ad campaigns. As DOmedia indexes more media vendors and assets, it is introducing greater competition into the out-of-home advertising space.

    “We are committed to serving agencies and brands by maximizing the competition for their ad dollars,” said Adam Malone, VP of Market Supply at DOmedia. “and leveraging our vendor network—our system lets smaller regional vendors get their inventory in front of the largest agencies and brands in the world.”

    Competition is critical for delivering strong campaigns to advertisers. According to historical industry data from DOmedia, vendors’ responses to an RFP vary by an average of 1,800 percent on a CPM basis.

    “If you don’t have robust competition in the planning stage, it can be impossible to effectively assess whether media is being purchased at an equitable rate,” said Lisa Weinstein, former agency CEO and an advisor to DOmedia. “Increased competition is a core part of increasing transparency and accountability in the out-of-home media space.”

    DOmedia’s announcement follows a surge of new product developments in 2017, including a partnership with Rubicon Project to expand programmatic out-of-home advertising and the rollout of automated charting technology within DOmedia’s Supply-Side Platform (SSP) for media vendors.

    About DOmedia

    DOmedia operates the leading technology platforms for buying and selling out-of-home media. DOmedia’s cloud-based Demand-Side Platform and Supply-Side Platform connect OOH media buyers and sellers to leverage marketplace effects, reduce redundancy and improve reporting and analytics. Leading agencies, vendors and brands turn to DOmedia’s technology to harness the power of the OOH media Renaissance. For more information about DOmedia, visit DOmedia.com or contact Ian Bowman-Henderson at (513) 508-4237.



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