• Company wants to install 52 digital signs in Washington DC.

    Digi Media Communications is attempting to install 52 digital signs at 20 locations around Washington DC using a  loophole in the city’s sign regulations.   dcist.com reports that Digi Media intends to install 52 digital billboards in 20 different locations around the city.  Washington City Paper reports that Digi Media is backed by an $18 million investment from Blue Sky Private Equity Ltd.  Digi Media is run by Donald MacCord who has worked for Fourpoints Communications and Van Wagner DC.

    Digi-Sign has argued that it is exempt from DC sign restrictions because the signs are placed within a building because they are installed underneath building facade overhangs.  DC is seeking a Court Order requiring Digi-Sign to remove the digital billboards.  On November 10, 2016 A DC court approved a preliminary injunction requiring Digi-Sign to cease installing new locations until the case has been decided.

    Insider’s take: This case reminds insider of the company in Atlanta which installed a 14 by 48 billboard inside a building to evade sign rules.  A creative interpretation of the regulations but Insider wouldn’t want to risk money on it.


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