• Company of the Day: Mollman Outdoor

    Company: Mollman Outdoor Signs

    Markets: Oklahoma

    Headquarters: 627 Chickasha, OK  73018

    Phone: 405-224-1560

    Mollman outdoor operates a 200 face billboard and poster plant in 17 towns in Southwest Oklahoma.  The company is run by Matthew Mollman.  In December 2016 Mollman installed an 11′ by 22′  Daktronics digital billboard. The company is an operator associate member in the IBOUSA.

    Matt, how did Mollman enter the outdoor business?

    I grew up posting and fabricating structures as my summer job for many years.  At the time, I was not aware of what a great business outdoor is.  However, in 2005 I thought it would be good to afford clients an additional choice of marketing their product and brand.  I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a small footprint (64 Jr Poster faces) of underperforming structures from Lamar.

    Tell us about your plant.

    We are in south central and southwest Oklahoma.  We have 200 faces. We constantly look for locations to increase our footprint.  We are mostly 12 x 25 and junior posters, but have recently added several 10×30’s and 12×32’s.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.20.47 PMWhat’s the Oklahoma outdoor market like?

    When you drive around and see other operators’ boards you are not certain what is current or ‘dead’ copy so I can only speak for my plant.  Of course, we do have a handful of avails, but in our area business is great!

    You also own radio stations.  Are there any synergies from owning radio stations and an outdoor plant.

    • There is more synergy between outdoor and radio than any other forms of media. When you are in the car you are listening to the radio and also seeing billboards.  The outdoor and radio messages can reinforce each other.
    • We offer added value in the form of extra radio ads when a client make a combination radio and outdoor buy.
    • We use one sales force to sell both outdoor and radio ads which makes us efficient.

    Initially, we wanted to keep our billboards inside our radio stations’ coverage area but, soon came to the realization that we could operate both media entities separately or as a single entity pending our clients desires.

    You installed a digital billboard in December.  Any lessons for operators who are considering digital?

    The first is to conduct Due Diligence.  There are a few suppliers out there that do not have the operators’ best interest at heart.  Even if it’s a competitor, reach out to discuss any issues they may have experienced.  Secondly, spend the money on a quality display.  Lastly, lean on the supplier for guidance.  I used Daktronics and the crew—from top to bottom—was great to work with.

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