• Company of the Day – Mixed Media Group

    Company: Mixed Media Billboard Advertising

    Markets: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan

    Headquarters: 1152 Liberty Avenue, Cary, IL  60013.

    Phone: 847-462-8423

    Email: steve@mixedmediaoutdoor.com

    Mixed Media operates signs in Illinois, Detroit, Eastern Iowa/Quad Cities and Iowa City.  The bulk of the company’s signs are in McHenry County, outside Chicago.  McHenry County Illinois is the most populated county in the U.S. without a freeway or interstate and yet part of Chicagoland. It’s one of the 6 major counties in Chicago’s SMSA. Mixed Media currently has 1 freeway location in Detroit metro and possesses a permit to convert to a 14×48 digital display.

    Denny Orsinger is the company’s owner with help from Steve Weber.

    Denny & Steve, what’s new at Mixed Media since we talked last year?

    With all the new research put out by the industry and google analytics tracking of website traffic, the data driven justification for our media is better than ever.

    Have you upgraded your Detroit Metro board to digital yet?

    Not yet.  We may be looking for a Joint Venture partner on this unit.

     You have been using Watchfire for your digital.  Any updates on the relationship or the performance of the signs?

    I’ve worked closely with their tech team on new innovative ways to use dynamic content with our clients.

    Your inventory includes a significant number of AdLite Boards?  

    Mixed Media developed a proprietary product called “AdLites” which are back lighted billboards decorated on translucent vinyl.  AdLites are sold within a rotary program to deliver the biggest reach and frequency.  They are located in the far northwest suburbs of Chicagoland and Iowa City, Iowa.

    Any changes on regulatory issues in your areas of operation?

    Same old, same old on the regulatory front.  It’s always an uphill battle.



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