Clark County Transit Agency Removes Ads

The Columbian reports that the Clark County, Washington transit agency C-Tran has voted to terminate a contract for bus advertising with Lamar.  The program was projected to generate $857,000 for 2017-2018.  “We’re putting an emphasis on the C-tran brand” said a C-Tran spokesman.  The decision to cancel the program comes after an increase in C-Tran revenues due to two tax measures and increased sales tax revenue over the past several years.

Insider’s take:  Really foolish to turn down $857,000 in revenue to put “an emphasis on the C-Tran brand.”  Sales tax revenues are super volatile.  Insider expects that C-Tran officials will regret dropping this program during the next recession.

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  1. Don’t worry, they will be back. Give it a year, maybe two.

    Do you know any transit authority flush with cash? They will certainly miss the revenues.

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