• City Paper Writes About DC Sign Flap

    City Paper has written a March 9, 2016 article and a March 15, 2016 article on  Digi  Outdoor Media’s attempts to install digital signs in DC.  Digi Media has spent $20 million to install digital signs on the faces of DC buildings.  The  city’s Attorney General is trying to get an injunction to force Digi to remove its signs.  The Mayor is waffling.  We wrote about this issue in December 2016.

    Insider’s take:  A real free-for-all.  Digi Outdoor wants to keep building signs.   Some council members are for the signs.  Other council members, the attorney general and the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Clear Channel Outdoor and Outfront are opposed to the Digi Outdoor signs.  The mayor is waffling.  This mess was created by the failure of DC to draft a comprehensive sign code which permits digital signs under certain conditions.  Digi Outdoor thought it spotted a regulatory loophole.  A failure to update a sign code to reflect changing technology and social conditions will subject a city to regulatory end-arounds or Reed v Gilbert sign code challenges.

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