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2017 CPM Media Inflation Projections

Thanks to the OAAA for allowing us to reprint their article. MAGNA’s CPM projections for 2017 are detailed in the chart below. TV and digital are the big drivers of the total media average CPM increase of 7 percent for 2017, while OOH continues to demonstrate good value in today’s marketplace because of its massive reach. For readers who don’t commonly use CPM metrics, it’s important to note that they are used to assess the cost effectiveness of advertising. A […]

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iHeart Media Stock Is Moving Up

Since we reported on the iHeart Media debt swap proposal, there have been some signs of how the market might react.  iHeart Media is a privately held company with Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners owning the bulk of the old Clear Channel Radio since 2008.  However, there is some stock that trades privately, over the counter, as IHRT.  Typically 2,000 to 3,000 shares trade on a daily basis. The day after the announcement 480,000 shares were traded with […]

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Company of the Day – Carroll Advertising

Company: Carroll Advertising Company Market:  Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island.    Headquarters: 1022 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA 02122 Email: Phone:  617-282-2100 Carroll Advertising Company, Inc., was started in 1996 by John Carroll with three billboard faces.  The company has 60 static and digital billboard faces covering the Greater Boston Area, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Most locations are 14′ x 48′ or larger, with coverage on many major highways throughout New England. The firm also has a contract to handle Martha’s […]

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Evan Schultz on Uncharted Space

Evan Schultz, Art Director, Adams Outdoor An interesting new project of ours was a self-storage client, Conifer Storage. The product was fairly straight-forward but visually uninteresting. The spaces look like garages, all lined up in rows like chips on a computer board. Dilemma: how do you make THAT interesting? Or, even readable on a billboard? The client is expecting to see a photo of their storage units larger than life, literally. They gave us the choice of a straight-on photo […]

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Daktronics Receives Manufacturing Leadership Award For Operational Excellence

Robotic overhead rail system implementation project awarded BROOKINGS, S.D. – Mar. 20, 2017 – Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) of Brookings, South Dakota, has been recognized as a Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Awards winner for its outstanding achievement in Operational Excellence through the implementation of a robotic overhead rail system. The award will be presented at the 13th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Awards Gala in June 2017. “It’s an honor to be recognized for our work in improving our production processes,” said Daktronics […]

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Billboard ‘Speech’: Part of America’s Daily Conversations

Insider thanks the OAAA for permission to reprint. The courts have long recognized billboards as a form of speech, protected by the First Amendment. A bold proof point to this long-held legal premise is the back and forth dialogue displayed on billboards. (Commercial and non-commercial messages.) “I am active on social media, tweeting daily as part of a fast-paced conversation about the latest industry news,” said OAAA’s Nancy Fletcher. “From my perspective, many current topics appear on OOH platforms.” This […]

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Company of the Day – Capital Outdoor

Company: Capital Outdoor Advertising Markets: Virginia and North Carolina Headquarters: 1528 Old US 264-A, Zebulon, NC  27597 Phone: 919-873-9020 Capital Outdoor Advertising operates a billboard plant based from their headquarters in  Zebulon, North Carolina.    The company’s staff has over 160 years of outdoor experience.  Steve Bryant is the company’s owner.  Robert Sykes is the company’s President.   Al Harkins handles real estate and operations, Stuart Robertson and Bill Bradshaw are in sales and Nick Johnson handles art.  The company has […]

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Allentown Mayor Proposes Three New Locations

Allentown, PA Mayor Ed Pawlowski has proposed three new locations for billboards on city property. To proceed, Allentown City Council would have to approve three leases with Adams Outdoor Advertising, which is doing business under LVL Co. In exchange The Morning Call reports the city will receive a portion of the revenues from the signs. The proposal includes two billboards on the Tilghman Street Bridge, which will be undergoing two years of construction. The City Council is expected to discuss the billboard […]

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Branded Cities Network To Launch New Digital Signage In Manhattan

New York, NY – March 2017 Branded Cities Network (“BCN”) and SJP Properties announced today an exclusive representation agreement to sell digital advertising and integrated marketing campaigns on two full-motion LED displays, each sized 20’ x 60’ with 20’x 8’ returns, located at the southeast corner of 42nd Street and 8th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan at the new Eleven | X. Both signs, measuring over 2,700 square feet in size, will be angled to oncoming traffic, maximizing viewability and impressions […]

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Want To Play Billboards?

Digital Journal is reporting about something new to do on those long family road trip vacations.  Overcomer Games LLC has created a new interactive travel game called Billboards to while away those long hours on the road. Billboards is designed around the need to entertain ourselves during long trips in a vehicle; while, staying engaged with the environment. The game uses the signs you see all around you during travel on billboards, trucks, business, and road signs to complete one […]

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