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Company of the Day – Delia Outdoor Advertising

Company:  Delia Outdoor Advertising Headquarters:  1720 N Pine St ,DeRidder, LA 70634 Markets:  Louisiana Phone: 337.401.000 Email: Delia Outdoor serves Southwest Louisiana and looking to expand throughout the State. They have over 15 years of experience in the advertising business. Insider caught up with management at Delia Outdoor for the following interview. Can you share a little more about the history of Delia Outdoor? This all Started in 1999- Driving Roads back and forth to college. My wheels were always turning with the curiosity of the how, […]

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iHeartMedia Creditors Move to Block Debt Restructuring

Reuters reported on Friday the 21st that a group of iHeartMedia lenders have signed a cooperation agreement to oppose the debt overhaul of the largest owner of U.S. radio stations and the parent company of Clear Channel Outdoor. Insider has previously reported  on iHeart and their proposed debt swap. The proposal was originally contingent on a three tier participation scenario providing potential discounts to iHeart on the existing debt of 12-25%, extending the maturity date of the notes and reducing the […]

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Regulatory Roundup April 22, 2017

Lexington, Kentucky city leaders are beginning to evaluate the use of electronic billboards along certain roadways in the central Kentucky community.  Kentucky State legislative action provides local governing bodies the authority to move forward with digital boards.  Lamar recently met with the Environmental Quality and Public Works Committee. There goal is to convert 10 to 20 existing billboards to digital rather than installing new structures.More on this at 88.9weku. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Texas state lawmakers racing against the […]

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King County Metro Extends Intersection’s Transit Contract

SEATTLE — (April 20, 2017)  —  Intersection, the urban innovation company at the forefront of transforming the way information is shared in cities, transit systems, and airports across the country, today announced an extension of its advertising partnership with the Seattle-based King County Metro Transit system for an additional two years. King County Metro first tapped Intersection in 2005, when, operating as Titan, the Company won a competitive contract granting the exclusive right to sell advertising on King County Metro’s 1,400 buses […]

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OOH in a Self-Driving America

A report from the OAAA Fully automated vehicles (AVs) are the future of transportation and mobility in America and will be a disruptive force across the economy. A new report explores the trend toward automated driving. How long will it take? What challenges face automated driving? Are there possible opportunities for OOH advertising? The report, commissioned by the Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research & Education, explains this important trend from the perspective of the OOH medium. The Future of OOH […]

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Company of the Day – Del Outdoor

Company:  Del Outdoor Headquarters:   1702 S. Arizona Ave, Yuma, AZ 85364 Markets: Arizona, California & New Mexico Phone: 928-343-1135 Email: Del Outdoor is family owned business that was founded in 1986. Del Outdoor is based out of Yuma, Arizona and is part of Western News&Info, Inc.     Del Outdoor has billboard plants in the following cities: In Arizona – Yuma, San Luis, Somerton, Wellton, Quartzsite, Parker, Kingman, Williams, Chambers, Houck, Globe – Miami, and Holbrook. In California – Brawley, Imperial, El Centro, Seeley, Heber and Calexico. In New Mexico: Albuquerque, Clines, Gallup, Grants and Santa Rosa. Paid Advertisement

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FBI Activates Digital Billboards Nationwide

On Easter Sunday, a random victim, 74, was killed in Cleveland, OH, by a distraught man who posted the crime on Facebook. The next day (May 17), the FBI activated donated digital billboards nationwide as part of the search for a fugitive.  Immediately, this “wanted” message appeared in Ohio and across the country: (Photo by Mike Norton, Norton Outdoor Advertising) This year marks the 10th anniversary of the FBI’s use of digital billboards on behalf of public safety, a practice […]

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Schenectady County Settles With Lamar

Insider reported in December 2016 that Lamar has sued Schenectady County, New York for $50,000 in compensation after the county terminated a billboard lease as part of a road widening project.  The County offered Lamar $25,000 for the billboard when it purchased the property.  Lamar countered at $82,638 and asked for the county to pay the costs of the relocation of the billboard.  The County then notified Lamar it was terminating the billboard lease under a 30 day notice clause. The […]

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OAAA Sales Tip

Courtesy of the OAAA. Media Audience Fragmentation Provides Opportunity For OOH In its 2016 annual Pew Research State of the News Media Report, the Pew Research Center documented that 2015 was another year of alarming declines for newspapers — the worst since the 2008-2009 recession. The other local medium suffering news audience loss is local TV, as noted in the chart below. The shrinking of these previously robust audience delivery platforms enhances the position of OOH with its ability to […]

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Company of the Day – Dangerfield Outdoor

Company:  Dangerfield Outdoor Markets: Atlanta, Georgia Headquarters: 245 University Avenue SW, Atlanta, GA  30315 Phone: 404-418-8417 Dangerfield Outdoor operates a billboard plant with 5 static faces and 1 digital face in Atlanta, Georgia. Two of the faces are 20 by 60, 2 of the faces are 19 by 48 and two of the faces are 14 by 48.     Paid Advertisement

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