• Andrea Messimer-Henley’s Memorable Out of Home Campaigns

    childrens hospitalYesterday Andrea Messimer-Henley gave 7 rules for selling out of home.   Today, Andrea talks about her most memorable out of home advertising campaigns.

    The All Children’s Hospital (Mall Elevator)  

    This creative  originally started out as a Billboard execution.  However that changed when the agency shared the layout with me. I suggested wrapping the side by side elevators at the International Plaza Mall in Tampa, to make it look like you are going into a Tree-House.   The kids and parents could engage with the tree-house creative as they waited for the elevator. The agency and hospital loved it so much that they extended the campaign from 6 months to a year. 

    The McCafe  

    mcdonaldsMcDonalds used 3D coffee cups.   They were the size of a small SUV – $40,000 just for the cups.  FKQ the local agency for McDonald’s requested an Iconic Bulletin in location or they would not be able to invest the production dollars to a 3D execution. I was at CBS Outdoor in Tampa and found a perfect location. Verizon Wireless decided not to renew their I-4 and I-275 junction bulletin in the heart of Tampa in 2010.  Clear Channel didn’t have any locations that even came close to this one. I ended up winning the business.   The 3D cups also had a functional steamer, which gave it an even greater coffee “steaming” affect.  People talked about it for years.  It stayed up for 10 months…  It had to be shut down a few times do to the drought laws. We ended up using reclaimed water and kept it going…  Behind the scenes was chaotic, but no one could tell from the street level. That is what made it so amazing… 🙂    I ended up winning MVP for CBS Outdoor Nationwide that year as well.  To me that was like winning an Oscar.  I worked my butt off that year.  It was a down economy and I rose above it and grew my numbers by 18% that year.  2009-2010.   I just did what I loved to do and I didn’t worry about the economy and all the excuses everyone was using or the reasons they weren’t making money…. I made more money that year than I had in the past two years… 🙂

    Outback Steak House

     outback-steak-houseI worked on this  account with Buntin Out of Home.  They had a bulletin location outside the Outback corporate headquarters The second bulletin was on interstate I-275 in downtown Tampa.  They incorporated  3D steaks on grill using stringers complete with a live steamer to give it the grill affect for both units..  It was so effective that the Tampa fire department was called repeatedly the day the ad went live.  They had so many calls we ended up having to shut the steamer down after 2 days.  I took plenty of video footage to document this campaign and still have it…  Although Outback was disappointed that they had to be shut down, it was an unforgettable execution.  

    HOT 101.5 POP station.

    hot-105My long time friend Mike Oliverio, is the program director for this station.  He and I became friends when we worked for Clear Channel.   He was in radio side and I was in outdoor.  He was a big fan of billboards and large sexy campaigns.  Mike left Clear Channel for Cox Media and I left Clear Channel Outdoor for CBS Outdoor.  I reached out to Mike several times to inquire about billboard Campaign’s.   Cox’s 80’s & 90’s formatted station was going through a re-brand which became HOT 101.5,   Rebrands always mean large billboard buys!  CBS Outdoor launched 50 Bulletins and Clear Channel Outdoor Launched with 10-15.  Both companies incorporated digital billboards with RSS feeds showcasing the playlist in real time.    Hot 101.5 continues to use Bulletins and LED’s.    I believe that their long term success is directly related to the strategic plan and impact that bulletins and LED’s provided during the rebrand and launch.

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