Ad Agency Promotes Opaque, Complicated Outdoor Buying Process


Sven Opak

Insider wants to make sure his readers know that this story was originally published on April 1, 2017.  APRIL FOOLS DAY. 

The ad agency Piddle has announced an opaque, paper-driven process for buying billboards.  Piddle’s chief creative officer Sven Opak said that the new system’s features include:

  • massive amounts of paperwork
  • multiple buying iterations
  • no disclosure of fees
  • the need to input the same data again and again for every proposal.

When told that the features sound like shortcomings Opak said:  “Paper can’t be hacked.  What’s a few dollars?  A rounding error.  You think our Madison Avenue address is cheap?   I need a job just like everyone else.”

Prior to joining Piddle, Opak designed automated telephone answering systems for large corporations.

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