• 3 Straightforward Reasons For Audience Measurement

       By Michael Neel, Director of Marketing at AdMobilize

    There is plenty of buzz floating around the concept of “analytics for digital signage”, especially after the NRF show this year (see here and here). Many ask, “what does it mean?” , “what are the benefits”, “how does it work”, etc. The “idea” of it all is not new to the industry. What is new are the caliber of technology and solutions companies who are working together to bring analytics to their end users.

    Below are 3 great reasons to ask your distributor, reseller or system integrator about AdMobilize analytics and audience measurement for digital signage:

    1. Measure the attention span of your audience as it relates to content being displayed:

    This is a no-brainer and one of the more important data points as it relates to digital signage. Whether you are producing content for menu boards or advertisements for a digital placed based network, the end customer wants the viewing audience to not only notice, but take notice of their digital signage investment. By using a tiny camera sensor and anonymous data, attention can now be measured in real time and aggregated into a report for specific times of the day.

    2. Analyze your audience and viewership with detailed reports:

    With a heavy focus on developing top-notch computer vision algorithms from the ground up, AdMobilize solutions for demographic and emotion analysis are not only real time, but also one of the most accurate in the industry. Go one step further than attention and understand the ratio of male/female viewership by hour, day, week, month, etc per display. Combine this with breakdowns of age and emotion data to paint a very detailed picture of the type of viewers engaging with your displays.

    3. Trigger engagement based on all of the above:

    By understanding the viewers of each display, many brands and end users are now able to manually or programmatically curate content in order to drive better results. For instance, various studies by partners have shown variances in attention time in different environments. Retail, outdoor, quick serve, golf courses, etc. all have different types of viewers. We ask: why not deliver content that is not only relevant to the physical place, but to the viewer as well?

    When all 3 are combined successfully and insights can be gathered, amazing results can be achieved. Contact us to find out more: mike.neel@admobilize.com or info@admobilize.com

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