• 2 New Cape Coral Digital Billboards

    ABC7 reports that Lamar is installing two new digital billboards in Cape Coral Florida.  One billboard is at Veterans Parkway at Del Prado boulevard and the other is at the foot of the Cape Coral Bridge.  The city agreed to lease the land to Lamar in June 2016.  Lamar is paying the city $54,000/year for 20 years with two additional 10 years renewals.  Lamar is also donating $12,500/year to the Cape Coral food bank.   The signs will display public information, emergency messages and traffic.

    Lamar has supported city development efforts.  In October 2013 Lamar donated billboards to the city for a Cape Coral is open for business campaign.

    Insider’s take:  FEMA’s use of digital billboards in Houston last week is an important reminder of how digital billboards can assist public safety efforts.

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