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    Andrew Cousin, CEO, Circle Graphics in plant.

    In March, Insider ran a post questioning the benefits of eco-friendly vinylCircle Graphics asked Insider for an opportunity to present the benefits of eco-friendly vinyl. “We have been partnering with some of the largest companies in the world to perfect eco products.  We have been in the eco-business for 10 years and Eco-Flexx 3.0 is the latest iteration – there are some incredible benefits that are comparable and even in some instances outweigh vinyl,” said Andrew Cousin, CEO, Circle Graphics, Inc.  Insider talked with Director of Marketing Dawn Jacobs and EVP of Sales Robert Styacich about eco-vinyl. 

    What exactly is an eco-poster and how is it different from normal vinyl? 

    Eco Poster

    Vinyl billboards are extremely harmful to the environment.  They are made from PVC and produced using toxic, cancer-causing chemicals which produce high volumes of hazardous waste – contaminating the air, land, and water.  Eco-Flexx 3.0, Circle Graphics’ sustainable billboard, and Circle Graphics’ eco-poster products are not only 100% recyclable but have 60% less carbon footprint than a typical PVC bulletin.

    Even for companies that think they can not afford a sustainable billboard product, Eco-Flexx and some other eco bulletin products are not only lower in cost, but they are also lighter and easier to install.  Both of Circle Graphics eco-bulletin products are lighter in weight, making transporting and installing not only less expensive, but safer for installers.  When Eco-Flexx and eco-poster are used vs typical vinyl products, this allows a company to lower their billboard printing costs as well as contribute to sustainability practices.

    Who is using Eco-Flexx and eco-posters?

    Small, mid and large size companies and agencies are using Eco-Flexx 3.0 and eco-posters.  There is upside for every company to be using the eco-products – as a part of our commitment to the planet, we have a program where we identify customers who are ordering vinyl and we reach out to them to invite them to make the switch   This has helped save 1 billion sq ft of vinyl from sitting in the landfill and put money back into installer, brands, and billboard company’s hands.

    What are the advantages of Eco-Flexx and eco-posters to a billboard operator or a client?

    • Eco-Flexx0 is less expensive than vinyl. Save the planet and save money.
    • Eco-Flexx0 is about 70% lighter than PVC – this allows for a quicker, safer, and easier install. The lighter weight also saves the clients in freight costs.
    • As ad agencies and other environmentally conscious companies strive to use products with little to no chlorine in their print and paper buying, most are excited to see products that are 100% chlorine free.
    • Eco-Flexx0 and eco-poster are both plasticizers free.
    • The product has the same print quality abilities as vinyl.
    • I know I said this during the last question, but we have stopped 1 billion sq ft of vinyl from going to the landfill, and our customers are happy with the Eco-Flexx0 product. That is something we here at CG, and our partners are proud of. 

    Can eco-poster and Eco-Flexx withstand the wear and tear when they are posted?


    Eco-Flexx has many attributes and benefits, and its ability to withstand wear and tear is one of them.  Due to Eco-Flexx’s light mass, it has the potential to withstand heavy winds.

    However, Vinyl and Eco-Flexx are 2 very different products, and we have found the root cause is not necessarily the eco-product, but the lack of understanding of the 2 products that causes confusion.  So we take a lot of steps to educate our customers on those differences.  They are 2 different products with different installation requirements and lifecycles, so education is key.  That is why we continue to improve upon the collateral we supply to brands – such as installation videos and instructions. 

    Are there any drawbacks to using eco-poster and Eco-Flexx? 

    CG is an innovator and leader in the eco-products market and we have seen and heard a lot of success that our partners are having with our products.  The success of our partners is important, therefore we also keep an open forum to ensure we are constantly evolving products to better meet partner needs.

    Insider wishes to thank Circlegraphics for the thoughtful response.  This is something way too rare in a sound-bite, shout-down world.  We learn from each other even if we disagree.  We will run more pieces on eco-friendly vinyl in the future.

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    1. Sure, the eco vinyl is better for the environment, but it will never out preform PVC vinyl in durability, installed fit/look, and you can’t rotate an eco vinyl. Spending the extra money on a Quality vinyl that can be rotated, and looks better installed is absolutely the better way to go.