• Tom Pilotti on How to Close An Outdoor Sale in 4 Seconds or Less

    4ee7510e-c0f3-46dd-8734-5f6c8c9c8a7d-originalEver wonder why sometimes it is so hard to get traction with prospects and why they just “don’t get it “when it comes to our great Outdoor Advertising locations. The hard truth is…no one cares about your Outdoor Advertising locations. What they do care about is finding someone, who can offer a solution, to help increase their business. No one and I mean no one wants another 3 digit invoice sent to them each month, with no idea of what the ROI is on that money. WOULD YOU?

    An Outdoor Advertising sale is magical. The key to closing a sale in 4 seconds or less is the ability to communicate like an artist, that you are someone worth listening to, and whom they believe has a bona fide solution to helping them.

    Whether it is a call in, or simply a perfect prospect that you identify in the field, the model is ALWAYS the same:

    “Mr. Prospect, I have an excellent IDEA on how I can help you increase sales using billboard advertising. Would you care to hear about it?”

    YOU need to be perceived as an advertising and marketing expert QUICKY. In fact 4 seconds or less quick.

    How do I become an advertising expert?

    If you want to be a Doctor, what do you study?

    If you want to be a Lawyer, what do you study?

    If you want to be an advertising expert…….WHAT DO YOU STUDY?

    Your role needs to change from one of empty space peddler, to one of bringing great ideas out into your marketplace, and SELLING THEM to prospects.

    By appearing to be someone worth listening to within the first 4 seconds, another magical thing happens: you become LIKED. Why, because you represent a possible solution to their problems.

    You need to become likeable. Why ? PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE THEY LIKE.

    By engaging in idea dialogs, instead of horse-trading on price, which never ends well, the rate and term easily fall into place, it always does.

    Think about it: if you were having some kind of legal or medical issue, and just so happened to get stuck in an elevator and were able to get FREE expert advice, would you pay attention to it?

    Same thing holds try with Outdoor Advertising prospecting.

    Your new model is not; knock on a hundred doors a day and say “ wanna buy a sign”. It will wear you out and will cause you to give up hope.

    The model is to IDENTIFY a real prospect. Be prepared to have a marketing conversation with him or her about their business NO YOURS.

    Million dollar sales secret: There is a space age tool that will allow you to get a PhD in advertising any time you need to bone up and become an expert in, let’s say selling tires.

    It’s called….ready? GOOGLE IMAGES.

    You sit at your computer. Your turn it on. You search images for effective billboard tire ads, and magically the world becomes a very happy place.

    Same will hold true in searching print, radio and TV ads for tire sales.

    You should assume the new role as a “ ad agency in a box “. Are you aware of the rates for a ¼ ad in your local paper? How much is a 30 second radio spot on Country K in the morning drive spot? How much are Comcast Spotlight cable ads on the History channel in your market?

    How can you effectively cage fight with a prospect if you are not adequately in shape and are poorly trained?

    The Outdoor Advertising Sales Academy workshops I conduct focus on teaching folks how to make sales presentations that have real teeth, so as to get quick traction to close new sales quickly.

    Here’s another secret: the business owners in your community are THIRSTING for someone just like you to come see them with a relevant, effective advertising solution.

    Before we call on another prospect and wing it ….again, why not take a new tact, and begin studying the mechanics of what makes up good advertising.

    Read the books. Watch the Youtube videos. Google image stuff till your fingers bleed,, heck call me, and I will help you.

    For more information contact Tom Pilotti, www.tompilotti.com, 404-437-8278, tompilotticonsulting@gmail.com.

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