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Watchfire Signs Unveils New FCC Emissions Guarantee

DANVILLE, IL–(Marketwired – May 15, 2017) – Following recent allegations of widespread and significant electromagnetic interference in the United States from imported digital signs and billboards, Danville, Ill.-based Watchfire Signs announced an FCC Emissions Guarantee for all its LED signs and digital billboards. The Watchfire FCC Emissions Guarantee states that any Watchfire product with a documented claim of electromagnetic interference will be remedied or the company will issue a refund to the buyer. “All sign models engineered and manufactured by […]

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Darrin Friskney on Digital Billboards and FCC Emmission Limits

Watchfire has published a white paper alleging that Asian manufactured LED signs and digital billboards are emitting electromagnetic interference at levels that dramatically surpass FCC limits.  Insider asked Watchfire Vice President Darrin Friskney about the issue. What are the FCC emission limits for digital signs and why are they important? LED signs generally fall under the emissions limits set forth in FCC Part 15 for Class A devices. When an LED sign exceeds emission levels, the electromagnetic noise the sign […]

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Watchfire RSS Feed updates billboards during NCAA b-ball tournament

DANVILLE, Ill. – (March 14, 2017) – The focus of collegiate basketball will be on the brackets for the annual college basketball tournament. Owners of Watchfire digital billboards can download free widgets to integrate basketball scores throughout the tournament beginning March 14, 2017. “School spirit is at an all-time high each year during the college basketball spring tournament. RSS feeds with real-time score updates are an exciting way to showcase all the bracket busting upsets and help Watchfire’s customers draw additional interest […]

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Watchfire RSS Feed Updates Billboards and Signs With Super Bowl Scores

DANVILLE, Ill. – (February 1, 2017) – While most people tune into the big football game to watch the ads, Watchfire billboard operators can capture the attention of motorists by displaying the current score. Owners of Watchfire digital billboards can download free widgets to integrate up-to-the-minute football scores for the big game between Atlanta and New England on February 5. “The biggest game of the football season always attracts a lot of attention. We believe that using RSS feeds for […]

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Watchfire on Photographing Digital Signs

By Watchfire Signs Anyone who has ever tried to photograph an LED sign or digital billboard knows that it can be a challenge. You want photos that showcase the vibrant messages LED signs can display. With a few simple adjustments to your camera, you can avoid pictures that show tiling and blurry content that doesn’t represent what shows on the display.  Before we get to the technical aspects of photographing LED signs, here are some simple tips to get you […]

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The first time and temperature sign.

OK, Insider admits that my main draw is that Spokane is where I live.  But Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy some history on signage. On December 24, 1951, Williams Brothers, Inc. installed a massive and innovative sign in downtown Spokane, Washington. The result was the second largest bank sign in the U.S. It was also significant because it was the first sign to alternate time AND temperature on the same bank of lights, designed and built by Time-O-Matic in Danville, […]

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The Power of Ten

December 7, 2016 Watchfire Blog Post Ten years ago today, Watchfire launched our digital billboard division. In that time, the technology has helped push out-of-home advertising to even greater prominence as an important, interactive medium competing and winning against other forms of electronic media. Advertisers who might have been skeptical at first, now understand the dynamic capabilities of this still escalating advertising tool. One thing that hasn’t changed at Watchfire is our commitment to the customer. We pride ourselves on […]

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Watchfire RSS Feed Updates Billboards With Real-time Presidential Election Results

DANVILLE, IL–(Marketwired – Nov 2, 2016) – Owners of Watchfire digital billboards can download a free widget that allows marketers to integrate real-time presidential election results on their billboards. Click to Tweet. The widget will allow Watchfire digital billboard owners to display the popular vote total and electoral college vote total for the top two presidential candidates. “The 2016 presidential election has stirred political passions unlike any other election in recent history. We believe that these RSS feeds are an […]

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Using Your Billboard To Track Real Time Baseball Scores

Insider has attached a Watchfire Press Release about a widget which lets owners of Watchfire digital billboards integrate real time baseball scores into their boards.  Seems like a great way to make use of unused space on a board during playoff season for any sport. DANVILLE, Ill. – (October 4, 2016) – Owners of Watchfire digital billboards and on premise LED signs can download free widgets that allow marketers to integrate real-time baseball scores for teams in the post-season. “Playoff […]

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Friskney on Watchfire’s New Cloud Based Software

Yesterday Watchfire announced a new cloud-based software product designed to help static and digital billboard operators run their business.  Insider interviewed Watchfire’s Darrin Friskney about the product. What is the Ignite OAx business management solution? It’s a cloud-based software product designed specifically to help billboard operators run their business – from managing sales touchpoints to actually scheduling campaigns. It starts with a customer relationship management (CRM) module and ends with detailed financial reports. I think the most important thing it […]

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