• Schenectady County Settles With Lamar

    Insider reported in December 2016 that Lamar has sued Schenectady County, New York for $50,000 in compensation after the county terminated a billboard lease as part of a road widening project.  The County offered Lamar $25,000 for the billboard when it purchased the property.  Lamar countered at $82,638 and asked for the county to pay the costs of the relocation of the billboard.  The County then notified Lamar it was terminating the billboard lease under a 30 day notice clause.

    The Daily Gazette reports that Lamar and Schenectady County have reached a $37,000 settlement along with an acknowledgement by the County that four other Lamar billboards nearby will not be affected.

    Lamar had contended that the county took the billboards without following proper legal procedures.  The county’s contention was that all the county had to do was notify Lamar that its lease was being terminated.  The County had previously taken the land from Pan Am Railway as a part of a road realignment.


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