• PETA Shifts to Live Protests After Being Turned Down on Billboards

    Campaign US reports that PETA is shifting its marketing strategy from billboards to live protests because Lamar has issued a company wide ban on all PETA business receiving flak for running this billboard in 2013.

    The article quotes Grey Vick of Grey Outdoor as saying he runs the PETA ads although he understands why Lamar may choose not to.

    Insider’s take:  Billboards work. Sometimes a little too well!  Deciding when to turn down an ad is a difficult issue.  A very simple approach is to run any billboard anytime for anything using a pure free speech approach.  Many landlords write billboard content restrictions into their leases however and an anything goes approach may get you in trouble with offended viewers and your regulators.  Remember the anti-muslim billboard in Indianapolis or the too suggestive billboard in Las Vegas   A more complex approach is to take your conscience, community standards, your clients, your landlords and the willingness to promote free speech into account.

    How do you decide what to run and what not to run?  Let Insider know using the form below and we’ll publish your comments.


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