Clarksville TN city council approves relocation of 3 billboards

The Leaf-Chronicle reports that the Clarksville, TN city council has voted to allow Lamar to relocate billboards from College Street, Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and Madison Street to new locations on Bellamy Lane, Lowes Drive and Tiny Town Road.   Clarksville has had a ban on new billboards since 1996.  Billboards can be moved only if it is in “the best interests of the city.”  The plan now goes to the regional planning commission for approval. Insider’s take:  This will allow […]

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Scenic America’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2019

Insider likes to know what the opposition is up to.  On May 23, 2016 Scenic America adopted a three year strategic plan which has been posted on the Scenic America website.    Insider notes four things about the plan: Scenic America has  a very small staff.  The executive director position is part-time assisted by one full time communications director.  None of the staff are in DC and there are no current plans to add DC staff. Scenic is decentralized and works through […]

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Arizona Passes Bill Allowing Additional Digital

Insider has been tracking proposed Arizona legislation sponsored by Senator Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu City.  The Arizona State Senate agreed this week to allow digital billboards in northwest Arizona. The bill passed, SB 1114, allows for up to 35 signs and includes the following guidelines: Use all commercially reasonable efforts to use state of the art technology A cap on the level of illumination that is at least a third less than in other area where digital signs are allowed Firms […]

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What if the Reed case pops up in my market? A few lessons from Grand Junction, CO

Sign cases at the US Supreme Court aren’t common.  But in 2015, a unanimous Supreme Court struck down a local ordinance because it treated temporary church signs differently than others. This free speech case (Reed vs. Town of Gilbert, AZ) prompts an important question:  if the Town of Gilbert’s code was too restrictive because it regulated signs based on content, are other codes also out of line? Some billboard opponents seek to use the Reed decision to hurt billboards, by […]

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The Latest Development in Scenic America’s Digital Billboard Lawsuit

When Insider last reported on this case, Scenic America had lost its attempt to overturn federal guidance on digital billboards on appeal and then asked the US Supreme Court to hear the case. Last week, the Supreme Court asked the government and the billboard industry – the defendants — to submit written responses regarding Scenic America’s request (formally known as a writ of certiorari). The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), which represents the industry, will coordinate a response to […]

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Quakertown, PA to approve monument/digital sign

Intell reports that Quakertown, PA will approve a 20 by 40 monument/digital billboard at State Route 309 and 663 in Quakertown.  The board will be constructed by Catalyst Outdoor.  It will have a brick or stone base topped by three circular digital signs.  Catalyst will landscape the site. The city manager says that the sign will serve at a gateway to the town and will provide advertising opportunities for the town’s businesses. Insider’s take: Monument/digital signs are a great way […]

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Grand Junction CO Approves New Sign Rules… More To Come

As a follow up to our post in December, The Grand Junction, Colorado city council this week, approved new regulations for signs in the city related to content neutrality. Outdoor Advertising signs were not included under this ordinance but stay under the existing regulations. Proposed ordinance issues related to electronic digital signs and non-conforming signs will be addressed at the March 2017 city council meeting to allow more study on the issues. Mark Gamble with Colorado West Outdoor has been […]

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Senate Confirms Chao For Transportation Secretary

As a follow up to our story yesterday Elaine Chao was confirmed on Tuesday as Transportation secretary.  The confirmation passed in the Senate on a 93-6 vote. Chao, who was born in Taiwan and came to the U.S. with her parents when she was 8, will face several urgent action items at the Department of Transportation, including the expiration Sept. 30 of the Federal Aviation Administration’s authorizing legislation, an overdrawn highway trust fund and demands from airlines that the department curb […]

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What Did the New DOT Secretary Say About Ads on the Right of Way?

Searching for new revenue, some states have contemplated commercial advertising on official traffic signs on the public right of way. US Senator Jerry Moran, R-KS, asked the next Secretary of Transportation about ads-on-the-road. Insider is providing the senator’s question and the reply from Elaine Chao, nominated by President Trump as Secretary of Transportation.  Chao’s nomination hearing was held January 11 before the Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.  This committee approved Chao’s nomination; the full Senate is expected to confirm […]

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Why the Pasco Digital Sign Code is Bad

Last week Pasco County, Florida approved a digital sign code requiring a billboard to take down 6 faces for every new digital face they install.  The sign code restricts digital flips to 15 seconds. Do you realize what a bad deal this is?  For every 6 static faces which are removed from inventory an out of home company is only permitted 4 new digital flips.  The out of home company must charge 50% more on each new flip to keep […]

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