Heads Up! Revenue-hungry States Eye Tax on Services

By Kerry Yoakum (OAAA) One out of three states could consider proposals this year to tax services traditionally exempt from sales taxes (advertising is a service). Several factors are driving this trend: Some states face budget stress The service sector is a growing part of the economy Politically, taxing services could seem preferable to taxing income or profits, or cutting services As state legislatures convene, proposals to tax services could be considered in 17 states (Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, […]

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The 8 Least Friendly States Toward Billboard Advertising

Care to guess which six states which are least friendly to outdoor advertising?  A 2010 study of local regulation of outdoor advertising in 215 jurisdictions by Alan Weinstein, commissioned by the OAAA, found that 64% of the cities which most stringently regulate signs are located in just six states: Arizona California Florida Texas Virginia Washington The study also found that stringent billboard rules tend to be geographically concentrated (e.g. the Los Angeles Area and the Bay Area). The same study […]

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St Johns Axes Digital Sign Plan

Ponte Vendra Recorder reports that the St John’s County, Florida planning and zoning agency voted 5 to 1 to to recommend that the Board of county Commissions delete digital billboards from proposed changes to sign code regulations.  The decision reverses a plan for a pilot program to permit digital signs.   The sole planning member to vote to defend the digital billboard program did no on the basis that the digital signs would provide economic value to local businesses by allowing […]

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Appeals Court Upholds CCO Tax Assessments

BizTimes in Milwaukee, WI reports that Clear Channel Outdoor lost an appeal on a challenge to $7.2 million in real estate tax assessments  on their 850 billboards. Clear Channel had previously paid the $7.2 million obligation for the years 2009-2013 but had challenged the real estate assessments as invalid arguing that their billboard permits did not fall under the definition of real property. Insider’s take – Two additional items of note include the state law was changed in 2014 to exclude […]

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Update on Reed vs Town of Gilbert: Challenges to Billboard Laws Dismissed in Two States

By  Kerry Yoakum, OAAA Legal challenges to billboard controls were filed in four states, prompted by a 2015 Supreme Court ruling that bolstered free speech protections. Two of those four cases recently have been dismissed, in Rhode Island and Georgia. In late January, the Rhode Island case (Rhode Island DOT v. Jeff Anthony Properties, Inc) was dismissed when the sign owner agreed to remove the signs.  The Georgia case (Carey Travel, LLC v. Georgia DOT) was dismissed because the sign […]

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Much Ado About Nothing in Texas

Insider published a post February 11 stating that the Austin Statesman had reported  that the Texas DOT is considering a proposal to raise the maximum billboard height on Texas roads from 42.5 feet to 65 foot maximum.   Margaret Lloyd of Scenic America Texas contacted Insider saying the story was in error.  Insider has confirmed with the Texas DOT that there are no proposed height regulations or rulemakings.  Not sure why the Austin Statesman reposted the three year old story. […]

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4 arguments against amortization.

Amortization refers to the practice of forcing a billboard company to remove a billboard after an arbitrary period of time without compensation for the loss. One of the goals of the Scenic America Strategic Plan for 2016-2019 is to encourage communities to get rid of billboards by amortization.  There are four arguments against amortization. Amortization is unfair.  Amortization consists of taking something from someone without paying for it.  This is unfair.  George Will calls amortization “slow motion confiscation.”  If the […]

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St John County, Florida Considers Digital Signs reports the St Johns County, Florida Planning and Zoning Agency is considering changes to Land Development Code to permit a two year test of digital billboards.  The regulations will: Require an 8 second flip Limit digital signs to industrial and commercially zoned areas adjacent to I-95. Require the removal of 4-5 static faces for every digital face installed. Permit digital billboards installed during the two year window to remain after the program ends. Revise the County’s code to comply […]

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Wildwood, Florida wants no more billboards.

Villages-News reports that the Wildwood, Florida city commission has adopted a comprehensive sign ordinance which prohibits new billboards. Existing billboards are permitted and can be repaired. Existing billboards can be relocated under certain conditions such as a roadway expansion.     Paid Advertisement

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Reno Extends Digital Moratorium

The Reno Gazette Journal reports that the city council voted on Wednesday to extend its moratorium on digital billboards for another year.  The council also halted the city’s practice of banking billboard receipts, which let billboard owners demolish an existing sign with a promise from the city that they could build it in a new location at a later date. Billboard owners have been saving up such credits with the hope of using them to trade 2-4 static board credits for one digital […]

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