Smith on The Impact of Reed v Gilbert

Part 3 in a series on First Amendment Sign Cases by J. Allen Smith, an eminent domain and condemnation expert at Settlepou, a Dallas law firm.  Smith previously discussed Metromedia and two cases which amplified Metromedia.   The reverberations of Reed v. Town of Gilbert are in full effect. Its impact is making government entities reevaluate their laws and may bring the issue of free speech in the context of billboards before the Supreme Court again as cases develop in […]

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Lagrange and Troup County Update Ordinances

The Lagrange News reports that the Lagrange, GA and Troup County, GA are updating their sign ordinances to comply with Reed v Gilbert.   The changes include: No permit is needed for a temporary sign.  A temporary sign is a sign which is in place for no more than 20 days once a quarter. Sign height is being reduced from 35 feet to 25 feet. Billboards will be allowed on I-85 No digital signs will be permitted on Troup County […]

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Michigan and Mass Propose Marijuana Billboard Bans

The Massachusetts and Michigan legislatures are considering legislation which would prohibit billboard advertising for cannabis products. States which permit recreational or medical marijuana have been restricting advertising.    Washington State and California regulate the format and location of ads. You can find a state by state summary of Cannabis advertising regulations here.     Paid Advertisement

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Free Speech Supreme Court Win: What Does It Mean for Billboards?

By Ken Klein, Executive Vice President, Outdoor Advertising Association of America Sex offenders, panhandlers, and rock musicians won in court on the First Amendment.  Localities trying to regulate signs based on content have lost. Today’s Supreme Court – led by conservatives — is pro-free speech. What does this mean for billboards? Billboard operators retain the right to deny copy. The First Amendment does not compel billboard speech.  The industry’s Code of Principles respects the option to reject messages. Billboard managers […]

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Rapid City Council Meets On Epic Outdoor Settlement

Rapid City, South Dakota met last night in an attempt to finalize a settlement with Epic Outdoor at their Monday night City Council meeting. According to city records, in 2012 Epic Outdoor Advertising filed suit against the City based on the initiated sign ordinances which were adopted in 2011.  That sign ordinance drive was led by Scenic Rapid City, and resulted in restricting the size and spacing of static billboards as well as preventing outdoor companies from constructing any new […]

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Clear Channel Outdoor Sues Salisbury

The Daily News reports that Clear Channel Outdoor has sued three members of the Salisbury, Massachusetts Zoning Board of Appeals claiming civil rights violations when the Zoning Board of Appeals granted to Northvision, a local business, the right to erect a billboard on I-95 in preference to Clear Channel Outdoor’s proposal.  The Zoning Board of Appeals voted unanimously for the Northvision proposal and was deadlocked 2-2 over the Clear Channel proposal.  Clear Channel Outdoor alleges: That the board members did […]

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High Point Votes Against billboard expansion

The Triad Business Journal reports that the High Point, NorthCarolina city council has voted against a Fairway Outdoor proposal to expand areas where billboards are permitted to Eastchester Drive, North Main Street and West Wendover Avenue.  High Point’s 48 billboards are currently limited to industrial areas.   Paid Advertisement

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Texas Legislature Replaces HBA and grandfathers tall billboards

Richard Rothfelder tells Insider that the Texas Legislature has passed two out of home bills. The Texas Legislature has passed SB 2006 in response to the TxDot v Auspro court decision which invalidated the state’s Highway Beautification Laws.  The bill is waiting the governor’s signature.  The bill revises the States’s Highway Beautification Act to comply with TxDot v Auspro.    The invalidated  Highway Beautification Act used the message on a sign to determine whether is was a regulated off-premise sign […]

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Union Sues Spokane Transit Over Sign Rules

  Transit authorities routinely place limits on political, ideological or religious messages.  Such a policy has landed the Spokane Transit Authority in Court.  Rocky Mountain Sign Law Blog reports that a federal court has denied a motion to dismiss a challenge to the Spokane Transit Authority’s bus advertising policy.  A challenge to the Spokane Transit Authority rules was filed by the Amalgamated Transit Workers Union after the Transit Authority and its sales agent did not respond to a proposal to […]

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Palmer, PA resets digital billboard rules.

Lehigh Valley Live reports that Palmer Township, Pennsylvania is revising digital billboard regulations.  The revision follows a November 2015 legal decision to scrap the towns digital billboard ordinance after neighbors complained about billboard lights.  The new ordinance will keep digital signs away from residential areas and require that digital billboards be dimmed at night.     Paid Advertisement

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