Fairway Chattanooga Billboard attracts attention.

The Times Free Press has run an article discussing Fairway Outdoor’s new 600 square foot digital billboard in downtown Chattanooga.  Fairway recently converted the location from a static billboard to a digital billboard.  The article quotes an attorney who is opposed to the sign: Compromises were made with the sign industry, he said. For example, there was an understanding that billboards would go away over time. A billboard used to sit atop the Flatiron Building at Georgia and McCallie avenues, […]

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Gervais Street Bridge Billboard is Coming Down

A notable landmark driving across the Gervais Street Bridge on your way into Columbia, S.C. is a Lamar owned billboard. The billboard sits on an island on the Congaree River which used to be owned by SCANA Corp.  That property was deeded to the city of Columbia as part of a 2002 deal transferring the local bus system to a regional transit authority.  The city determined that the original lease on the billboard site had expired and made the request to […]

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State Regulatory Roundup

Myron Laible chaired the state association lunch at the LookOut2017 convention Tuesday.  Here’s what Insider learned. Don Avjean.  Outfront eastern region VP. Lots of billboard proposals in New York including just compensation, a requirement that alcohol off billboards, a lighting bill a bill to increase the minimal digital flip to 60 secs and a local times square taxation bill.  Vigilance is the key to preventing adverse legislation. A vegetation bill was passed this year in New Jersey. A Connecticut attempt […]

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Everett MA Looking At Digital Conversions

While Everett, MA has a 1991 sign ordinance in place preventing building of new billboards.  Existing boards can request a conversion or rebuild of a structure to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  With the advent of digital technology the city is considering what their response will be to an increasing number of digital conversion requests. The Everett Independent reports that the city’s first digital conversion was approved in 2015 and they now have two more requests to consider this week. A […]

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Formetco’s Jim Poage on OSHA Record Keeping

Insider had previously posted a video by Formetco’s Director of Safety Jim Poage on OSHA’s 1,200 page fall safety rule revision which took effect January 17, 2017. Jim has been working on other videos, called Safety Talks, dealing with the the many aspects of OSHA rules.  Below is a 5 minute Safety Talk on OSHA record keeping.   Paid Advertisement

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TN Groups Seek Removal of Billboards

The Commercial Appeal reports that some community groups are attempting to get four non-conforming signs removed.  The groups include Neighborhood Preservation, Inc, a couple local citizens and Memphis Bioworks.  They have petitioned court to have three signs in the Memphis Medical District and the fourth sign at Tillman and Walnut Grove removed because permits were issued improperly. Insider’s take:  The city could be open to liability if it forces the billboard owners to take down a validly permitted billboard.   […]

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Top Take-Aways from Billboard Regulators’ Conference

INDIANAPOLIS – Billboard regulators want more information on benefits of relocating signs and also learned how to measure light from digital billboards during their annual meeting. Regulators convened in Indianapolis April 30-May 4 under the auspices of the National Alliance of State Highway Beautification Agencies (NAHBA). State officials are seeking federal funds to research time and money savings from relocating billboards in lieu of condemnation. On May 1, regulators saw a new video produced by the Outdoor Advertising Association of […]

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Auburn votes down digital signs reports that voters at the Auburn, Massachusetts annual town meeting defeated a zoning amendment to permit two  Total Outdoor double-sided digital billboards near the Auburn Mall.  The proposal had the unanimous support of the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board and the Finance Committee.  The vote was 47-33. Insider’s take:  Someone should ask the town’s voters how they intend make up the $1 million in fees they will forgo by vetoing the deal.   Paid Advertisement

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PA Court Tax Victory For Billboards

DELAWARE COUNTY, PA — A judge in the Philadelphia market has affirmed that a taxing authority may not use billboards to increase a property’s real estate tax or assessment. “We are very pleased,” said Patrick Smith of OUTFRONT Media, which litigated the case along with Clear Channel Outdoor and Steen Outdoor Advertising. On April 27, Court of Common Pleas Judge Charles B. Burr II issued an Order affirming the previous decision by the Delaware County Board of Assessment and Appeals. […]

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The bad idea that refuses to go away

Out of home advertising on overhead highway direction signs.  The bad idea that refuses to go away.  Texas Department of Transportation proposed something in 2016.  Other people are making suggestions as well.  See this email to US Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao: And here’s the US Department of Department of Transportation’s response.   Insider’s take:  Glad the US Department of Transportation is against this bad idea.  Insider opposes advertising within the federal right of way for three reasons. It […]

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