Baseball Season is Here!

For you baseball fans, the Kansa City Royals have been very creative in their use of Billboard advertising to remind us of the upcoming season.  Their latest, shown below, is an example of a simple but effective way to promote the new season with a 3D image of a ballplayer going high on the wall to grab a fly ball. How about your local team?  If you have a great example of sports advertising let us know.  

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Outdoor is a great vehicle for luxury brands.

Insider is aware that out-of-home is a great vehicle for luxury brands.   His best performing billboard has been anchored for years by a jeweler which promotes expensive watch and jewelry brands on the board. has a post titled “How outdoor advertising works for the luxury market.”  The post makes some interesting points: Outdoor is suited for luxury brands because it permits story-telling and luxury brands rely on storytelling to sell. Outdoor offers the scale to allow luxury brands […]

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Art Lives Billboard Campaign

If you were to drive down Sunset Boulevard in the Silver Lake area you would see this billboard, a collaboration between Lamar Advertising,  RAREFORM and artist Tyler Ramsey.  This is the second installment in Lamar’s Art Lives Billboard Campaign originally announced in October 2015. Insiders Take:  Always a positive to show the versatility of outdoor to the community and the combination with RAREFORM who re-purposes billboard vinyl is a terrific idea.

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Snapchat billboard ads use hyper-local geo-filters.

Business Insider reports that Snapchat has been running logo-less billboards across the United States which celebrate local neighborhoods (e.g. Palm Springs, the Meatpacking District and Soho in New York, Lincoln Park in Chicago,  Mission and Fisherman’s Warf in San Franscisco).  The billboards use geofilters – location based graphics that Snapchat users place over their snaps to make their photos more entertaining.  Snapchat allows users to submit their own geofilters and is using a selection of geofilters for the ad campaign. […]

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Art Goes On Billboards in Hannibal reports that Lamar and Independent’s Service Company are collaborating with the Hannibal Arts council to put art from local artists on billboards in Hannibal.  2 artists have had their work installed on Highway 61 in Hannibal.  Another 3 artists will be shown in the future. Insider’s take: Joint ventures like this and Wendy Hickey’s Artpop are a great way to generate positive publicity.

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Tunney Art Hits NYC Billboards To Celebrate Landmarks

The NYC Landmarks 50 Alliance and OUTFRONT Media are working with artist Peter Tunney to run a billboard art series highlighting New York City landmarks. You can read a mediavillage post about the project from OUTFRONT Media’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning & Development, Andy Sriubas here. Insider talked with Carly Zipp of OUTFRONT Media about the project. Carly, tell us about the project.  How is Outfront involved? To celebrate the 1965 NYC Landmark Law, OUTFRONT Media partnered with […]

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Oregon Tourism Campaign To Include Billboards

Oregon may not be the easiest place to put up billboards for the state loves billboards when it’s time to promote tourism.  The Oregon Tourism Travel Commission is using billboards to execute a new “We Like it Here.  You Might Too.” travel campaign.  The campaign includes TV, cinema and outdoor advertising.

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Melody Roberts: Using Creative as a Sales Tool

Melody Roberts is an award winning Creative Director who has been designing outdoor billboard advertising since 1999. In October 2015, Melody launched Out of Home Creative (, an outdoor advertising design firm which designs traditional billboards and digital campaigns, transit shelters and any new non-traditional media as well as provides out of home design consulting and training. Before developing Out of Home Creative, Melody served as the Southeast Regional Creative Director for Clear Channel Outdoor as well as the Creative […]

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Old School Billboards Get Results In LA

Variety has an excellent post titled “Billboards in LA: Old School Method Still Gets Results in Busy City”. The movie theater industry spends approximately $250,000 per movie on billboards in LA.   Insider was stunned by the prices the boards command: Burbank $3,500-6,500/month Studio City $4,500-7,500/month Century City $6,500-10,000/month West Hollywood $10,000-25,000/month Beverly Hills $8,500-25,000/month Dramas and kids movies are best suited for billboards.  They have simple or powerful themes which come across well in a single message.  Comedies have subtler […]

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Billboard Design Tips From Lamar

This week’s billboard design tips come from Lamar’s website. Keep It Simple.  Be straightforward and to the point.  One idea. Use Readable Fonts.  Large typefaces.  Avoid ornate script.  Select easy to read font like Univers, Futura or DIN. Contrasting Colors.  Lamar cites a study that high color contrast improves outdoor recall by 38%. Treat digital different.  Avoid a solid white background because it isn’t vibrant on an LED and change your message frequently because it’s costless.  

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