• Vistar Media Discusses Successful Out of Home Campaigns

    Yesterday Insider profiled the out of home advertising platform provider Vistar Media.  Insider asked Vistar to give examples of how the company’s platform has been used.

    What have been some successful Vistar ad platform campaigns?

    Auto Case Study

    • Client: Major Auto Brand in the US
    • Timing: Summer – Winter 2016
    • Campaign Objective: Generate awareness around a new 2017 model and ultimately drive sales of this model


    • Leveraged IHS/Polk data to define competitive audience based on vehicle affinity and in-market timing for the first closed-loop auto sales lift study in OOH media
    • Modeled movement patterns of these households using Vistar’s proprietary geospatial technology
    • Used these insights to help select best markets for media activation based on audience affinity
    • Activated digital out-of-home media based on these insights to reach consumers where they are most likely to be throughout the day

    Key Learnings:

    • Exposure to the DOOH media produced a 12.8% lift (80% lift over the national sales rate) in vehicle sales of that model
      • Particularly successful at converting consumers away from competitors and gaining market share
    • Compared to the static media, digital out-of-home media achieved over double the lift in sales due to in-market auto intender targeting effectively identifying and reaching qualified consumers
    • The [auto model] experienced an uptick of market share (between 10%-30%) in the five DMAs where the campaign was live

    This is what media owners use to visualize their inventory on a real time satellite map in the Vistar platform.

    CPG Case Study

    • Client: Major CPG Brand in the US
    • Campaign Objective: Drive lift in awareness and purchase intent among Moms, especially Hispanic Moms


    • Leveraged Vistar’s proprietary mix of geospatial data to define custom Hispanic and general market Moms audiences based on consumers’ physical world behaviors
    • Vistar’s location-based platform was used to analyze the movement patterns of the Mom audiences and activated media where they had the highest propensity to be throughout the day

    Key Learnings:

    • Reaching a consistent audience at different touch points throughout their day proved effective at driving consumers down the purchase funnel – consumers exposed to Vistar advertising in multiple contextual environments (mobile and OOH) saw an incremental lift of 36% in purchase intent and a 5% lift in brand awareness, ultimately boosting sales for the brand.

    Telecom Cross-Screen Case Study

    • Client: Major Telecom Provider in the US
    • Campaign Objective: Reach In-Market consumers during the intent phase of the consumer journey in order to drive product consideration and store visits.


    • Leveraged cross-channel strategy to drive awareness of promotional offering and visits to store locations by amplifying impact of mobile messaging through digital out-of-home
    • Reached consumers based on physical world intent signals by targeting shoppers near competitive stores and brand locations across mobile and digital out-of-home
    • Engaged prospective audiences on mobile by targeting consumers carrying older device models.

    Key Learnings:

    • Digital out-of-home and mobile drive complementary results. Cross-screen exposure amplified recall, awareness, consideration and store visitation, enhancing mobile’s strength as an upper funnel driver and DOOH’s strength as a lower funnel driver.
    • Leveraging physical world intent signals is an effective strategy for identifying high-value prospects. Campaign exposure drove a 96% lift in consideration and 194% lift in foot traffic, with over 86% of exposed store visitors indicating they were not previously a customer of the brand.

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